3rd Grade

Leah Christopher - Teacher
Margaret Presley - Teacher
Jessica Hale - Teacher
Laura Faison - Teacher

Deborah Osby - Paraprofessional

Reading/Language Arts
1.  Treasures choose your grade level
2.  Power Proofreading
3.  EZ School Choose the activity assigned by the teacher.
4.  Narrative Comic Strip Creator
5.  Guess Who?
6.  Book Pals- The Polar Express and more!
7.  Internet for the Classroom- A site full of Language Arts, Math, and Reading.
8.  Grammar Gorillas- Parts of Speech
9.  Language Arts- Compound Words, Contractions, Antonyms, Synonyms, Homophones
10.To Be or Not to Be- Linking Verbs
11.Antonym Challenge
12. Parts of Speech
13. Diamante Poetry
14. I Am Poem
15. Story Pyramid
16. Homophones 1   Homophones 2
17. Singular and Plural Nouns
18. Contractions
19. Prefixes, Suffixes, Root words